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Interesting Digital Printing Facts
  • A fact that not many know about digital printing is that this method is actually non-contact. The words, images, and patterns that are made are a result of ink jet nozzles which are controlled by a computer. The ink jet nozzles spray a certain amount of ink onto the paper. This process is managed by computer programs and hardware.


  • A digital printer is not always the best choice. Sometimes the image needs to be perfectly reproduced down to the finest details and has the exact color match as well. If the conversion process has an effect on the color files, the shades that are produced may not be the exact same as the chosen shades before printing started.


  • Another interesting digital printing fact is that the process can be environmentally friendly when you make use of water-based ink and there are no coatings or powders added. It can be pricey to go completely eco-friendly but there are always ways to lower the costs without having to harm the environment more than necessary to get the job done.


  • One of the undisputed facts about digital printing is that it’s a much faster process than the offset printing process. Less labor and time are being needed in the pre-press process. The printing will generally start a few days or even weeks earlier that the offset as with offset, the plates need to be created before the first item can be printed off. This can be quite beneficial when you are facing a deadline or you need it immediately.


  • Another fact about digital printing that not many knows is that this method of printing doesn’t involve any setup charges, minimum order amount or plate costs, which is why digital printing is considered to be one of the most cost-effective methods available. There are some printing machines that make use of digital technology that not only prints out the materials but it also finished the final product at the same time.


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