The Difference Between Above the Line and Below the Line Printing

The Difference Between Above the Line and Below the Line Printing

The advertising industry is mixed up in a swamp of specialised terminology, and while each phrase is used to accurately describe something specific, the jargon is often lost on the layman, who make up the clientele that the marketing industry works for. So whether you are getting prints done, engaging in online advertising or simply building your brand up, understanding these two bits of terminology will help you get better, more specific results: ‘above the line’, and ‘below the line.’

Above the Line

Above the line concerns itself with all of the mass communication efforts of a brand. Those messages that are sent out externally with the goal of attracting and retaining clients.

In terms of print, above the line comes in the form of flyers, posters and magazines, but they are not limited to these formats. In reality, creativity is the only limiting factor that determines how a firm communicates, on mass, to its audience.

While ‘above-the-line’ marketing is regarded as the single most important approach to creating awareness around a brand, it isn’t the only one your company should adopt. There are unseen, internal communications that should be going on as well, these we call ‘below the line’.

Below the Line

Below the line marketing concerns itself with the way in which your business communicates its brand internally, to those who are already interacting with it.

This concerns things like labelling, merchandising, newsletters, menus, and pamphlets. They mark any format that provides your clients with information or exposure to your brand even after they have converted.

Below the line marketing is regarded as essential as a means of retaining your customers once they have stepped through your door, and as such, should never be neglected.

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